Abonado Pellet

At Agricotec we know the broad advantages of organic fertilizer with pellets. For this reason we have at your disposal several formulations that adapt to the needs of your crop.

The organic and organo-mineral fertilizer, presented in pellet form, is a processed fertilizer whose main raw material is manure and other organic materials (or minerals in the case of organo-minerals). This manufacturing process offers us a fertilizer that has many advantages:

> It is applied with great ease and uniformity thanks to its grain size.

> It saves us tillage costs as it is an organic material already composted.

> It is a stable, homogeneous fertilizer and free of weed seeds.

> Contains microorganisms that are incorporated into the soil and help fix nutrients.

> It is considered a dry fertilizer, it does not incorporate water, only organic matter and nutrients to the soil.

> Slow release of nutrients, thus avoiding loss by leaching or volatilization.

> It is a very water-soluble material, dissolving and merging with the soil.

> Improves the physical properties of the soil with the riches it contains and activating those already present.

At Agricotec we compost our raw material for more than 12 months, achieving a quality final product that will substantially improve your soils and crop performance, and due to the very nature of the origin of our organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, we have a wide range of certified fertilizers for use in organic farming.

We also offer a wide variety of organo-minerals with different formulations to adapt to the needs of each crop.