Microgranulado soluble

Microgranulado soluble.
Soluble microgranulated.

Producto con ácidos húmicos

Producto rico en ácidos húmicos.
Humic acids rich product.

Producto con ácidos fúlvicos

Producto rico en ácidos fúlvicos.
Fulvic acids rich product.


Promol 3


Promol 3 is a humic and fulvic acids concentrate extracted from leonardite in the soluble microganulates form to facilitate the soil application at any time along the cultivation period.

The use of Promol 3 provides excellent benefits:

> Improves the soil structure and fluffiness.
> Increase the exchange capacity.
> Unlocks existing soil nutrients.
> Favors the microbial life development.
> Stimulates the new root hairs development.
> Guarantees the nutrients absorption applied to the soil.
> Enhances the growth of beneficial microoorganisms in the rhizosphere area.Envases Promol 3

Promol 3 improves the root development of the plant, increasing the absorption surface and allowing maximum benefit to fertilization programs. On the other hand, it can be used as fertilizer for background subscribers or at certain moments of plant development, such as winter stages.

Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Root. Alfalfa and fodders. From 3 to 10 k/ha. After each cut.
Citrus, Fruit trees, Olive tree, Vineyard and Banana tree. From 1 to 3 k/ha. Until achieve from 8 to 24 kg. per ha. and year.
Corn, Potato, Beet. From 3 to 4 k/ha. Apply form 1 to 3 treatment per crop.
Stock solution for fertirrigation. Crops in general. 15 gr/100l of water.

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