Microgranulado Microgranulado
Ácidos Húmicos Ácidos Húmicos.
Humic Acids.
Ácidos Fúlvicos Ácidos Fúlvicos.
Fulvic Acids.



It is a water-soluble product rich in humic acids that are extracted from oxidative reactions of lignite. Its use is recommended as a soil amendment because it will improve general soil structure, allowing the unblocking of nutrients and its holding capacity, avoiding its loss by leaching.


It can be used as fertilizer because it acts as a source of potassium salts, humic acids and organic matter. Wherefore, it will improve the plant growth and encourage the root development, improving the absorption capacity and optimizing the fertilization programs. 

Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Root. Alfalfa and fodders. From 3 to 10 kg. per ha. Alfer each cut.
Citrus, Fruit trees, Olive tree, Vineyard and Banana tree. From 1 to 3 kg. per ha. Until reaches from 8 to 24 kg. per ha. and year.
Corn, Potato, Beet. From 3 to 4 kg. per ha. Apply 1 to 3 treatments per crop.
Stock solution for fertirrigation. Crops in general. 15 gr. each 100 L. of water.