Polvo Polvo.
Cálcio Producto rico en Cálcio (Ca).
Product Calcium (Ca) rich.

Certificado SHC

Certificado como Insumo para la Agricultura Ecologica por el SHC.
Certified as for Organic Agriculture Input by SHC.


It is a seaweed extract calcified and fossilized in powder form (type Lithothamnium Calcareum); it is obtained through physical controlled processes and formulated to be used as a calcium-manganese compost.

It adds micro-nutrients and it acts like a controller and edaphic pH blockage in acid soils. It improves soil structure and increases the bioavailability of plant nutrients, improving the effectiveness of fertilization programmes.

  • 25 Kg.
  • B.B. 500 Kg.
  • B.B. 1000 Kg.
  • Granel
Cultivation Dosage Season
Apply to increase the pH of soil. Crops in general. From 650 to 800 Kg/ha.

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