Suspensión Líquida Suspensión líquida
liquid suspension
Boro Producto rico en Boro (B)
Boron (B) rich product.
Materia Orgánica Producto rico Molibdeno (Mo).
Molybdenum (Mb) rich product.
Animoácidos Producto con algas.
Product with algae.

Certificado CAAE

Certificado como Insumo para la Agricultura Ecologica por el CAAE.
Certified as Organic Agriculture Input by CAAE.


BM Flor


BM-Flor is a boron and molybdenum deficiencies corrector, specially formulated on a brown seaweed hydrolyzate, applied as foliar route helps correct the deficiencies of these micronutrients in all types of crops.

BM-Flor is involved in nitrogen metabolism, contributes to calcium fixation, significantly improves pollination, fruit set and fruit size, increasing the crop final quality and productivity. 

BM Flor

BM-Flor improves the synthesis and translocation of sugars and carbohydrates, contributes to the proteins formation, regulates hormonal function and improves the potassium transport inside the plant

  • 1 L.
  • 5 L.
  • 20 L.
Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Foliar. Alfalfa. From 1,5 to 2 l/ha. Apply after each cut, with plants of 10/15 cm height or when starts the first flowers.
Citrus Fruits and Fruit trees of stone and pip. From 150 to 200 cc/hl of water. 3 applications: pre-flowering, 100% flowering and fruit setting.
Strawberry. From 150 to 200 cc/hl of water. Apply in pre-flowering and 100% flowering.
Horticultural crops. From 1 to 1,5 l/ha. Apply in pre-flowering and 100% flowering.
Olive tree. From 150 to 200 cc/hl of water. Apply when pre-flowering and fruit setting.
Vineyard. From 150 to 200 cc/hl of water. Apply when pre-flowering or deficiency states.
Via Root. Crops in general. From 2 to 3 l/ha. Apply when pre-seeding or when the first watering after trasplant or seeding.
From 4 to 5 l/ha. Mild deficiency.
From 5 to 5 l/ha. Heavy deficiency.