Suspensión Líquida

Solución líquida.
Liquid solution.

Aplicacion foliar

Aplicación foliar.
Foliar application.

Aplicacion radicular

Aplicación radicular.
Radicular application.

Producto rico en potasa

Potasio (K).
Potassium (K).


Azufre (S).
Sulfur (S).


 Briopol K


Briopol K is a solution rich in potassium (K), in the form of water-soluble potassium thiosulfate, and sulfur (S), which is indicated for the prevention and correction of potassium deficiencies.

Briopol K is a fertilizer with a neutral pH, free of colours, which is recommended for all types of crops, both in foliar application and in fertigation.

Briopol K

Due to its special formulation, Briopol K, is a fertilizer that offers us a high efficiency in the absorption of potash (K) and a rapid availability of sulfur, improving the absorption of the rest of the nutrients by the crop.

Briopol K is recommended for use during times of greatest need, by the crop, for the nutrients it contains, especially during fattening, fruit ripening and post-harvest for the formation of reserve organs.

The application of Briopol K has numerous beneficial effects:

> It will favor consistency and coloration.

> Improves size and homogeneity.

> Accelerates maturation.

> Contributes to improve flavor and preservation.

> Increase the sugar and/or fat content.

AEVAE recogida garrafas

The containers of this product can be deposited at any AEVAE (Spanish Association for the Valorization of Containers) collection point.

  • 1 L.
  • 5 L.
  • 20 L.
Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Foliar. Crops in general. From 300 to 400 cc/hl of water.
Via Root. Crops in general. From 50 to 70 l/ha.