Suspensión Líquida Suspensión líquida
liquid suspension
Cálcio Producto rico en Calcio (Ca).
Calcium (Ca) rich product.
Magnesio Producto rico en Magnesio (Mg).
Magnesium (Mg) rich product.
Microelementos Producto con microelementos.
Product with microelements.

Certificado SHC

Certificado como Insumo para la Agricultura Ecologica por SHC.
Certified as Organic Agriculture Input by SHC.


Flovcal Mg


Flovcal Mg is a liquid fertilizer with a high level of Calcium and Manganese, formulated to facilitate its absorption to fight deficiency stages both preventive and curative way and/or to fight plant physiopathies caused by weaknesses or imbalances in the assimilation of both nutrients.

Flovcal Mg Corrector carencias de Calcio y Magnesio envases producto

With Flovcal Mg we will get proper plants’ growth, a better osmotic balance and we will increase the resilience to drought. In addition, it will improve the chlorophyllic function, pigments (carotenes, xanthophyll, etc.), and compounds of essential reserves for the process of seeds germination.

  • 1 L.
  • 5 L.
  • 20 L.
Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Foliar. Crops in general. From 200 to 300 cc/100 L of water. Levels of solf weekness.
Crops in general. From 400 to 500 cc/100 L of water. Levels of heavy weekness.
Via localised irrigation system. Crops in general. From 3 to 4 L/ha. Distribute the dose in 2/3 irrigation.