Microgranulado soluble

Microgranulado soluble.
Soluble microgranulated.

Aplicacion radicular

Aplicación radicular.
Radicular application.

Producto rico en potasa

Producto rico en potasa (K).
Potassium (K) rich product.




Kasolido is a micro-granulate with a high chelated potassium content to facilitate its absorption by plants and to avoid the loss of block nutrients availability on the soil. It is recommended throughout the cultivation cycle to improve the quality of fruit, especially at the beginning of ripening or when the fruit change colour.


Kasolido increases the development of reserve organs in the plant and it helps in the lignification of plants’ stems and buds.

Cultivation Dosage Season
Fertilizer irrigation. Citrus fruits. From 15 to 20 Kg/ha. Apply 2/3 treatments at the beginning of ripening and when the fruit change colour
Flowers and Plants. From 60 to 80 Kg/ha. Apply 2/3 treatments before ripening.
Fruit trees. From 20 to 30 Kg/ha. Apply 1/2 treatments before ripening.
Horticultural crops. From 10 to 15 Kg/ha. Apply when the fruit change colour and ripening.
Vineyard. From 30 to 40 Kg/ha. Apply 2 treatments when the fruit change colour.