Microgranulado Microgranulado
Hierro Producto rico en Hierro (Fe).
Iron (Fe) rich product.

Certificado SHC

Certificado como Insumo para la Agricultura Ecologica por SHC.
Certified as Organic Agriculture Input by SHC.




It is a micro-granulate, water-soluble, rich in stable chelated iron, with high persistence in fields. It is used to prevent shortage states or physiopathies caused by iron deficiencies.

Verdegama quelato de hierro

Chelating agents confer a great stability and improve their absorption by plants.

Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Root. Crops in general. From 20 to 30 K/ha. Weak chlorosis, apply 3 to 4 treatments.
From 35 to 40 K/ha. Moderate chlorosis, apply 3 to 4 treatments.
50 K/ha. Strong Chlorosis, apply 3 to 4 treatments.
Via irrigation localised systems. Fruit trees of stone and pip. From 6 to 9 K/ha. Each treatment.
Horticultural crops. From 3 to 5 K/ha. Each treatment.
Olive tree. From 4 to 8 K Each treatment.
Vineyard. From 4 to 6 K/ha. Each treatment.