Microgranulado Microgranulado
Hierro Producto rico en Hierro (Fe).
Iron (Fe) rich product.

Verdepron Plus Hierro quelatado

Microgranulate rich in chelated iron.

It is a micro-granulate, water-soluble, rich in chelated iron with high persistence in fields. It is used to prevent shortage states or physiopathies caused by iron deficiencies.

Verdepron plus quelato de hierro

Chelating agents confer a great stability and improve their absorption by plants.

Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Root. Crops in general - Weak chlorosis. From 20 to 30 K/ha. Apply 3 to 4 treatments.
Crops in general - Moderate chlorosis. From 35 to 40 K/ha. Apply 3 to 4 treatments.
Crops in general - Strong chlorosis. 50 K/ha. Apply 3 to 4 treatments.
Via irrigation localised systems. Fruit trees of stone and pip. From 6 to 9 K/ha. Each treatment.
Horticultural corps. From 3 to 5 K/ha. Each treatment.
Olive tree. From 4 to 8 K/ha. Each treatment.
Vineyard. From 4 to 6 K/ha. Each treatment.