Suspensión Líquida Suspensión líquida
liquid suspension
Nitrogeno Producto rico en Nitrógeno (N).
Product Nitrogen (N) rich.
Materia orgánica Rico en materia orgánica.
Organic mater rich.
Animoácidos Producto con aminoácidos.
Product with aminoacids.
Microelementos Producto con microelementos.
Product with microelements.

Certificado SHC

Certificado como Insumo para la Agricultura Ecologica por SHC.
Certified as Organic Agriculture Input by SHC.




PEPTOLINA is a concentrated animal protein (Keratin) hydrolyzate, which contains amino acids, organic matter and NPK 8.2.3, to be used as a biostimulant in the stages of maximum plant growth.


PEPTOLINA improves the resistance of plants to adverse factors caused by water stress, inclement weather, pests and diseases.

  • 5 L.
  • 20 L.
  • GRG 1000 L.
Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Root. Vegetables From 30 to 40 L./Ha. From transplant.
Fruit trees and Citrus From 20 to 30 L./Ha. In sprouting and fattening of the fruit.
Vine and vineyard From 15 to 30 L./Ha. In sprouting until fruit set.
Olive tree From 30 to 40 L./Ha. At the end of winter and fattening the fruit.
Extensive culinary From 30 to 40 L./Ha. As a contribution of nitrogen in growth
Greenhouse vegetables. From 3 to 4 L./1000m2 week.
Foliar via All types of crops From 200 to 300 cc/Hl. Treat with plenty of water.