Suspensión Líquida Suspensión líquida
liquid suspension

Rico en Cálcio

Producto rico en Calcio (Ca).
Calcium (Ca) rich product.

Rico en materia orgánica

Producto rico en materia orgánica.
Organic matter rich product.

Certificado SHC

Certificado como Insumo para la Agricultura Ecologica por SHC.
Certified as Organic Agriculture Input by SHC.




BETACAL is a vegetable origin liquid organic fertilizer with soluble Calcium for root and foliar application throughout the vegetative period, especially in the early stages of the crop (transplantation or planting).


Among other properties, BETACAL, stands out because:

· Provides organic matter to the ground.
· Quick availability calcium it contains.
· Improves soil structure and aeration.
· Improves the assimilation of nutrients.
· Increase in production and quality.
· Stimulates soil microbial activity.

BETACAL contains Betaine favoring cell division increasing the number and size of the fruits, advances ripening and stimulates coloration, prevents cracking, increases the fruits sugar content, improves hardness, texture and preservation.

  • 20 L.
  • GRG 1000 L.
Cultivation Dosage Season
Root application. All crops type. From 50 to 60 l/ha irrigation from 3 to 4 applications. Throughout the vegetative period.
Foliar application. All crops type. From 1 to 2 l/hl from 2 to 3 applications. Throughout the vegetative period.

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