Abono con calcio

Calcio (Ca).
Calcium (Ca).

Abono con magnesio

Magnesio (Mg).
Magnesium (Mg).


Specigran Calcio


SPECIGRAN Calcio is a granulated calcium magnesium amendment designed to be applied to acidic soils with low levels of calcium and magnesium, thereby increasing the availability of both nutrients in the soil for crops.


Specigran Calcio

SPECIGRAN Calcio is recommended for application in all types of crops as a corrective measure for acidic soils, offering numerous advantages:

detalle abono

Increases soil pH.

detalle abono

Corrects calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

detalle abono

Improves nutrient assimilation and soil bacterial life.

AEVAE recogida garrafas

Containers of this product can be deposited at any collection point provided by AEVAE (Spanish Association for Packaging Valorization).

  • Saco 25 Kg
  • B.B. 500 Kg.
  • B.B. 1000 Kg.
  • Granel
Cultivation Dosage Season
About soil pH. All kind of crops. Apply from 600 to 800 K/ha and year. Apply in Spring and Fall along with the basal fertilization, depending on the soil pH level.

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