Suspensión Líquida

Suspensión líquida.
Liquid suspension.

Aplicacion foliar

Aplicación foliar.
Foliar application.

Producto rico en cobre

Cobre (Cu).
Copper (Cu).

Producto rico en zinc

Zinc (Zn).
Zinc (Zn).

Producto rico en manganeso

Manganeso (Mn).
Manganese (Mn).





Bactosap is a natural liquid micronutrients concentrate chelated by EDTA, Copper (Cu), Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn) with a plant extract Saponins rich, Polypehenols and Tannins, so it´s use does not contaminate or leave residues.


Bactosap is applied by foliar spraying, penetrating rapidly into the plants, through the phloem, it descends towards the roots, combating the physiopathies or imbalances produced by Copper, Manganese or Zinc lack.

Agricultura ecologica

Agricultura ecologica

Fertilizante utilizable en producción vegetal ecológica según RCE 834/2007 conforme a la norma UNE 142500.

AEVAE recogida garrafas

Los envases de este producto pueden ser depositados en cualquier punto de recogida de AEVAE (Asociación Española de Valorización de Envases).

Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Foliar. Citrus and fruit trees with stone and pips. From 300 to 500 cc/hl of water. Since the flowering.
Horticultural crops in general. From 200 to 400 cc/hl of water. Apply since the transplant.
Melon and Water Melon. 500 cc/hl of water. Apply every 15 days since the transplant.
Olive tree. From 400 to 500 cc/hl of water. Spring and Autumn.
Tomato. From 200 to 400 cc/hl of water. Apply every 15 days since transplant.
Potato. From 250 to 350 cc/hl. Apply two treatments since the crop grabs.
Vineyard. From 300 to 500 cc/hl of water. Apply since sprouting and leaf-fall.