Suspensión Líquida

Suspensión líquida.
Liquid suspension.

Aplicacion foliar

Aplicación radicular.
Radicular application.

Abono con aminoácidos

Producto con aminoácidos.
Product with aminoacids.

Abono con calcio

Producto rico en calcio (Ca).
Calcium (Ca) rich product.



Rizosol Calcio is a concentrated calcium liquid, specially formulated with natural amino acids, to be applied as an excellent promoter of roots development and as a great resource of calcium, to prevent deficient states caused by imbalances and lack of calcium assimilation.


Rizosol Calcio’ensures the renewal of absorbent root hairs, it enhances the plant hormonal balance, and it works against the negative effects in crops of an excess of sodium (Na) in soil and water. Furthermore, it helps to overcome stressful situations because of extreme weather conditions.

Agricultura ecologica

Agricultura ecologica

Certified input for use in Ecological Agriculture.

  • 1 L.
  • 5 L.
  • 20 L.
  • GRG 1000 L.
Cultivation Dosage Season
Via Root. Extensive, herbaceous and industrial crops. From 10 to 40 L/ha. Apply when transplant, sprouring, fruit setting and fattering.
Citrus fruits, Fruit trees, Strawberry, Horticultural crops, Olive tree and Vineyard. From 60 to 80 L/ha. Apply when transplant, sprouting, fruit setting and fattering.
Hydroponic. Crops in general. From 2 to 3 L/1000 square metres. Weekly.