Granulado Pellet

Granulado pellet.
Pellet granulated.

Abonado de fondo o cobertera

Abonado de fondo.
Background fertilizacion.

Materia Orgánica

Materia orgánica.
Organic matter.





Estercol is a natural organic amendment of animal origin with a good NPK balance, which contributes to increasing soil fertility..

Estercol is formulated entirely with selected manure from different sources, to which a controlled composting and stabilization process is applied, guaranteeing a product of excellent quality and structure, free of unwanted elements such as seeds, pathogens or heavy metals..


To facilitate its distribution and application, Estercol is subjected to a physical treatment of pellet granulation; ensuring its correct integration with the soil and total bioavailability of nutrients for crops.

The application of Estercol improves the structure and fertility of the land, making available to the plants the nutritional elements it contains in addition to those present in the soil.

Agricultura ecologica

Agricultura ecologica

Fertilizer usable in organic plant production according to RCE 834/2007 in accordance with the UNE 142500 standard.

AEVAE recogida garrafas

The containers of this product can be deposited at any collection point of AEVAE (Spanish Association for the Valorization of Containers).

  • Saco 25 Kg
  • B.B. 500 Kg.
  • Granel
Cultivation Dosage Season
Basal fertilization. Rainfed cereal. From 700 to 1.000 kg/ha.
Irrigated cereal. From 1.200 to 1.500 kg/ha.
Citrus fruits. From 1.500 to 2.000 kg/ha. After harvest.
Horticultural crops. From 2.000 to 3.000 kg/ha. Before transplant.
Olive tree. From 1.500 to 2.000 kg/ha. In Autumn.
Potato. From 2.000 to 2.500 kg/ha. Before sowing.
Soils with low levels of MO. Up to 8.000 kg/ha.