At Agricotec®, we have extensive experience in the production of organo-mineral fertilizers, combining the advantages of organic and mineral fertilization into a single fertilizer.

Pilas de compostaje materia orgánicaOverview of the organo-mineral fertilizer manufacturing process: manure input, composting, mixing with mineral fertilizer, pelletization, and packaging for transportation to any location.

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We formulate our organo-mineral fertilizers using top-quality raw materials obtained through an exclusive, completely natural composting system of the manure received at our composting plant.

Pilas de compostaje materia orgánicaLoading the blend of organic material and mineral fertilizer onto a pelletizing line.

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Our extensive experience in the formulation and manufacturing of organo-mineral fertilizers allows us to offer our customers fertilizers that are easy to apply, quickly incorporate, highly effective, and free from pathogens or seeds.

Pilas de compostaje materia orgánicaPiles of pellets after exiting the pelletizer; the manufacturing process is not yet complete. It must settle for a period determined by the formula´s characteristics..

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With the application of organo-mineral fertilizers, we are not only introducing fertilizing units into the soil but also organic matter and other essential nutrients for plants.

Pilas de compostaje materia orgánicaAfter proper maturation, the pellets are screened to ensure the final product is free from dust and impurities.

The range of organo-mineral fertilizers we formulate at Agricotec® meets the nutritional needs of any type of crop grown on any type of soil.